Capture The Flag

Capture The Flag

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This year we will have three (3!) different CTF competitions at BruCON! All the CTFs are free to join!

  • Team CTF on Wednesday 26/10/2016 at Monasterium
  • Student CTF on Wednesday 26/10/2016
  • Individual CTF during the BruCON conference (27-28/10/2016)

Team CTF

Level: Medium / Advanced

This contest will allow up to 10 teams to compete, solving challenges, creating exploits to attack opponents and defending their own infrastructure. In this CTF we will give you challenges related to exploitation of vulnerabilities, Web security, Databases Security, Reverse engineering and Cryptography.

Players will compete for 8 hours to get first place in the CTF.


Register your Team with a maximum of 5 players per team.

Hardware requirements:

  • Bring a network switch and patch cords for the team players.
  • Bring a separate laptop where Vulnerable Virtual Machine (OVA Format - VirtualBox) will be installed

Location and Timing

Location : Monasterium - Oude Houtlei 56 - 9000 Gent ( The CTF begins promptly at 10h00 and end around 18h00 . Out of consideration for your fellow CTF teams, please try to be there around 09h30

Student CTF

In a fully fledged CTF requires a specific set of skills, for this, BruCON will be organising a student CTF where we will guide students through a CTF competition! The student CTF covers 4 different topics each containing a number of challenges. After each topic you can try the challenges yourself and see how you can use your acquired skills! We will learn about SQL Injection attacks, Android reverse engineering, Traffic analysis with Wireshark and a number of CTF tips and tricks. This CTF is focussed on beginning students, no prior knowledge is required since most of the CTF is seen as an introductory session.


  • Register as an individual player for the CTF
  • Being a student in 2016-2017
  • Bring your own laptop with VirtualBox installed

Level: Basic

Location and Timing

Individual CTF

This contest is played on a Jeopardy scheme with 20 different classic challenges such as categories: reverse engineering, cryptography, digital forensics, web security, vulnerability exploitation and perhaps some hardware hacking;)

The CTF will be open for 30 hours during the BruCON two-day event (27 abd 28 October).

Participation in the CTF is free.

The expectation is that you can have a good time, playing and learning about different security issues.

Requirements: Register as an individual player for the CTF Bring your own equipment and tools

Level: Basic / Medium