Lightning Talks

Lightning Talks

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Give a 5 minute informal presentation on a concept, tool, project or research-in-progress to a room of fellow practitioners - sign up below by editing this page.

"Don't wait for perfect" is the unofficial slogan of the BruCON Lightning Talks.

A Lightning Talk is a 5-minute talk given by someone that looks a lot like you. For precisely 300 seconds, you get the podium to talk about and show off your hacking/infosec related idea, concept, policy, tool, technique, exploit, countermeasure, survey, statistical analysis, visualization, architecture, blueprint, or hardware.

Perhaps you've found a clever use for an existing tool, or you've automated something that usually takes forever...or maybe you've started up a security related project and you're looking for volunteers...or you discovered an attack, defense or response technique you hadn't seen anywhere else (or you saw it but feel others would benefit from hearing about it).

If so, a lightning talk at Brucon gives you the chance to "get the word out" to fellow security geeks at an informal conference. You may get valuable feedback, find some volunteers to help take your idea further, overcome a difficult hurdle, discover you have a "bigger talk" on your hands (a future CFP submission) or free beer from attendees with questions...