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BruCON is an annual two-day conference by and for the security and hacker community. The conference offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics like computer security, privacy, information technology and its implications on society. The 2009 slogan is "Hacking for b33r". It takes place at the Surfhouse in Brussels, Belgium.

  BruCON 2009: Hacking for B33R
  September 18 and 19, 2009
  Surfhouse, Brussels, Belgium

General information

   * Contact - how to contact the organizers
   * Tickets - pricing
   * Schedule - speaker and workshop conference program
   * Frequently Asked Questions - Brucon FAQ
   * Press - information for the press
   * Travel - where to go and how to get there
   * Accommodation - where to stay
   * Supporters - sponsors and partner of BruCON 


   * Propaganda - help us spread the word
   * Volunteers - you can be one of them!


   * Schedule - speaker and workshop conference program
   * Lightning Talks
   * Media - social media (blogs, websites, twitter,...) and downloadable content


   * Information Desk
   * Network
   * Speaker's room
   * Press Office


   * Hacklounge - space for hackers
   * HSB - Hackerspace Brussels


   * Presentations
   * Weblogs
   * Twitter
   * Press Review
   * Photo Documentation


Please consult this Wiki first as your question might already have an answer. Contact email adresses

You can contact the organizers via the following email adresses: