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  • 1 General Rules
  • 2 LAN
    • 2.1 Rules for LAN
    • 2.2 VPN
  • 3 WLAN
    • 3.1 Rules for WLAN
    • 3.2 802.11n
    • 3.3 2.4 GHz
    • 3.4 5 GHz
    • 3.5 Mesh
  • 4 Network Services
  • 5 Latest Updates

General Rules

A free Internet access will be available during the conference via Wi-Fi. Visitors will be able to use they own devices (laptops, PDAs, mobile phones, ...) to surf the web.


Visitors are responsible of the electronic devices they bring to the conference premises. BruCON will not be responsible of any damage, theft or alteration of any kind (software or hardware). The network facilities are provided "as is" without any warranty of availability and performance.

Please follow some golden rules: don't leave your devices or bags alone. Lock your devices when away. For more details how to secure your devices before attending the conference, see below.

Network Facilities