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BruCON 0x06 Line-Up


  • Adam Shostack, Veteran startup CTO and author focused on bringing security and privacy to customers. Currently doing so at Microsoft.
  • Jennifer Minella, VP of Engineering & consulting CISO at Carolina Advanced Digital, Mindfulness Evangelist


  • Hendrik Adrian - Let's help law enforcement more to drag malware actors into the law
  • Joe Grand - Using Superpowers for Hardware Reverse Engineering
  • Daan Raman - A distributed approach to mobile malware scanning
  • Zoz - Hacking Driverless Vehicles
  • snare & rzn - Thunderbolts and Lightning / Very, Very Frightening
  • Krzysztof Kotowicz - Biting into the forbidden fruit. Lessons from trusting JavaScript crypto
  • Ryan Kazanciyan and Matt Hastings - Investigating PowerShell Attacks
  • Matthew Halchyshak and Joseph Tartaro - Cyber Necromancy: Resurrecting the Dead (Game Servers)
  • Aaron Lemasters - Windows Crash Dump Exploration
  • Arne Swinnen and Alaeddine Mesbahi - One packer to rule them all: Empirical identification, comparison and circumvention of current Antivirus detection techniques
  • Zoz and Joe Grand - The Projects Of Prototype This
  • Adam Schoeman - Data transforming your sewage into signatures - lessons learnt from building a hybrid honeypot named Amber
  • Markus Vervier - Stealing a Mobile Identity Using Wormholes
  • Noel Dunne and Paco Hope - Security Makes Strange Bedfellows: Using Legal and Procurement To Secure Software


  • Philip Polstra - Autonomous Remote Hacking Drones (requirements)
  • Michael Sikorski - Counterfeiting the Pipes with FakeNet 2.0
  • Hal Pomeranz - Linux Forensics Workshop
  • Solomon Sonya - Splinter the RAT Attack: Create Your Own Botnet to Exploit the Network
  • Chris Lytle and Leigh Lytle - Old School Crypto
  • Willi Ballenthin - “EID 1102 - The audit log was cleared” won’t stop me: Advanced Windows Event Log Forensics
  • Wim Remes and Daniela Zapata - The dirty secrets of client-side exploitation and protection
  • Jake Valletta - Exploiting the Bells and Whistles: Uncovering OEM Vulnerabilities in Android
  • Vivek Ramachandran - Javascript for Pentesters with over 20 Challenges
  • Machtelt Garrels - Beer brewing workshop
  • DJ Jackalope - DJ workshop


  • Ocean Lam (Hong Kong)
  • DJ Jackalope (Las Vegas)
  • keroSerene (Serene Han, pianist)