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Immerse yourself into the world of pen testing and application security by attending the BruCON 2016 Spring Trainings (20-22 April 2016).

Offering world-class, deep-dive technical trainings given by the most recognized experts with huge industry experience in their domain!

The Line-Up:

  • Corelan Bootcamp by Peter Van Eeckhoutte * (3-day training) - Corelan is back at BruCON ! One of the best exploit development courses available, now in our spring training track. Prepare yourself for 3 long days (+10 hours/day) of intensive exploit development ! Lunch and dinner are included and, as always enough coffee to keep you going!
  • Hacking web applications – case studies of award-winning bugs in Google, Yahoo, Mozilla and more by Dawid Czagan (2-day training) - Have you ever thought of hacking web applications for fun and profit? How about playing with authentic, award-winning security bugs identified in some of the greatest companies? If that sounds interesting, join this unique two-day hands-on training!
  • Analysing Malicious Documents by Didier Stevens (2-day training) - One of our resident trainers and fellow Belgian, Didier Stevens, will teach you how to analyse malicious PDF or MS Office documents using his own created Phyton tools in this 2-day course!
  • Offensive IoT Exploitation by Aditya Gupta and Aseem Jakhar (3-day training) - This unique course offers penetration testers the ability to assess the security of smart devices. The training will cover assessing IoT attack surfaces and finding security issues with hands-on exercises and is valuable for anybody interested to learn about IoT security.
  • PowerShell for Penetration Testers by Nikhil Mittal (3-day training) - In this course, you'll learn how to attack Windows network using PowerShell, based on real world penetration tests. It includes a mixture of lectures, demonstrations, exercises, hands-on and as well as a CTF which attendees could try during and after the course. CANCELLED
  • Mobile Application Exploitation (iOS and Android) by Prateek Gianchandani (3-day training) - A completely hands-on training on exploiting mobile applications for the iOS and Android platform. The training is based on exploiting Damn Vulnerable iOS app and other vulnerable apps which are written by the trainer in order to make you understand the different kinds of vulnerabilities in mobile applications. You can test your skills in the CTF at the end !

Best motivation for training: "The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave, is not training them and having them stay!"

Registration details

The price for 2-day courses is 1100 Euro early bird (+ VAT) per attendee.
As of January 1st 2016 this will become 1200 Euro (+ VAT) per attendee.

The price for 3-day courses is 1400 Euro early bird (+ VAT) per attendee.
As of January 1st 2016 this will become 1500 Euro (+ VAT) per attendee.

* The Corelan Bootcamp training is 300 Euro more expensive but covers more then 30 hours of training including lunch and dinner.

Registration for Trainings:


The training price does not include travel, accommodation or computer material for the training unless otherwise stated in the training description or preparation material provided after registration. Please read carefully any communication that will be sent to you in regard to the training you've registered for because they will outline what you need to bring to get the most out of each training.

Location and dates

The courses will be given on 20, 21 and 22 April 2016 in Hotel Novotel Gent Centrum, Goudenleeuwplein 5, B-9000 Gent

The courses begin promptly at 09h00 and end at 17h00 (Except the Corelan training which will last till 22h00). Out of consideration for your instructor(s) and fellow students, please try to be seated and ready to go by 08h45.

Lunch is included in the training fee.