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Becoming a Volunteer

The only way to keep it a non-commercial, low-price event is to organize this with volunteers. Help is needed and appreciated.

Volunteer mailinglist

Use the Volunteer Mailinglist to communicate with each other.

Types of Volunteers


CPUs are the people who guide and take care of the Sonic Screw Drivers, technically they are part of the Sonic Screw Drivers. Most of them are coordinating a team or are "main responsible" for specific tasks, but of course you can contact any of them in case of any questions. CPUs should work as dual core units, for load balancing and failover.

Current list of CPUs. This list will expand slowly

Name Main responsibility
Security4all and Yashiko Communication / Press / Speakers
Xxradar and Seba Entrance / Infodesk
Xxradar and Security4all Physical security
xme and Fw Network
Xxradar and Seba Catering
empty Workshops and Lightning talks
empty Lounge
Security4all and Fw Venue
Pdanhieux and empty The Hex Factor
empty Video

Marketing (Hologram)

These people make artwork, manage social media and devise marketing concepts

Network (BOFH)

These people will assist with everything network and IT related. Master BOFH xme will provide us intertubes.

Varia (Sonic Screwdriver)

These people are the logistical people that support the CPUs in different domains.

Different CPU rings

Volunteers, please indicate here below where you want to help/assist.

Entrance / Infodesk

CPU core 1 Xxradar // CPU core 2 Seba

Purpose: to process registrations at the beginning and during the event act as information desk

Physical security

CPU core 1 Pdanhieux // CPU core 2 Security4all

Purpose: access control and keep an eye on several of the rooms


CPU core 1 xme // CPU core 2 Fw

Purpose: We can haz intertubes?

  • Sonic Screwdrivers:
    • ...
    • ...


CPU core 1 Xxradar // CPU core 2 Seba

Purpose: Well, us carbon based lifeforms need to refuel

Normally no Sonic Screwdrivers are needed since we are looking at outsourcing the catering.

Presentation room

CPU core 1 Y. // CPU core 2 empty

Purpose: coordinate between projector room and speakers, guide Q&A sessions

Workshops and Lightning talks

CPU core 1 empty // CPU core 2 empty

Purpose: Setup and look over the workshop and lightning talk room

  • Sonic Screwdrivers:
    • ..
    • ..


CPU core 1 empty // CPU core 2 empty

Purpose: Setup and look over the lounge.


CPU core 1 Security4all // CPU core 2 Fw

Purpose: Act as point of contact for venue request and issues

The Hex Factor

CPU core 1 Pdanhieux // CPU core 2 empty

Purpose: Setup and maintain the security challenge during BruCON

  • Sonic Screwdrivers:
    • ..
    • ..


CPU core 1 empty // CPU core 2 empty

Purpose: We would like to record the talks and the surrounding activities

  • Sonic Screwdrivers:
    • ..
    • ..


Volunteer meeting : 29 may 2009

Volunteer meeting: 10 June 2009

First we meet at the venue at 18u for a site visit, then we'll proceed to Hackerspace Brussels for the crewmeeting. It's at walking distance from the venue.

Volunteer meeting: 24 June 2009

Volunteer meeting: 8 July 2009

Volunteer meeting: 22 July 2009

Volunteer meeting: 19 August 2009

Teambuilding: 23 August 2009


Volunteer meeting: 2 Sept 2009

Volunteer meeting: 16 Sept 2009

Shift System


If you have any remarks or questions, please contact us at crew _att_